Are vacation villas better than hotels?

As said in our previous post “Finding the perfect villa for rent“, villa vacations are the hot trend in luxury vacations. That’s because vacation villas combine privacy, freedom and quality compared to other accommodation alternatives. Besides being private, a common characteristic of villas is good decoration. Whether they are decorated in modern style, folklore, minimalistic or have designer furniture, it is sure that your thirst for stylish interiors / exteriors will be satisfied. And that’s not all!

We have 5+1 more reasons to believe that staying in vacation villas is the best decision you can make

Almost all of vacation villas are spacious

Most of vacation villas are generally more spacious than a hotel room, even the presidential suite. They will typically have 2+ bedrooms with en suite bathrooms but you can always find the one that has as many bedrooms and bathrooms are necessary. Also add a comfortable living room, a fully equipped kitchen and interior / exterior dining areas for your exclusive use. That results in more amenities that can make your holiday unforgettable and relaxing. Plus to that there are furnished balconies, lovely patios and large, beautiful gardens giving you much more space to enjoy your vacation. Since the residence is all at your disposal, you can also arrange extra tailor made services, such as a private chef or a yoga instructor for private lessons, to suit exactly your needs. And don’t forget the pools! Large private infinity pools are one of the highlights that most luxury hotels don’t offer.

Are vacation villas better than hotels?Are vacation villas better than hotels?

Villa Helios – Corfu

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Group vacations go together with vacation villas

If you are into family vacations or want to spend your holidays with a group of friends in a comfy, home atmosphere, then vacation villas are your best choice. They are ideal for groups and parties and even more perfect for reunions, bachelors, business meetings, conferences, weddings and generally for any group of people intending to spend holidays together.

Choose vacation villas to avoid vacation neighbors

Private vacation villas will make you feel like you are in your own vacation home, where your neighbors are not on the other side of the wall or the ceiling, as in a hotel. You can have that gorgeous private pool all for yourself and enjoy the lush garden all day long, throw a party or host your lovely destination wedding. The whole residence is yours day and night.

Are vacation villas better than hotels?Are vacation villas better than hotels?

Villa Myrto – Crete

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Private vacation villas are conveniently located

Private villas are usually conveniently located regarding towns and villages. Unlike hotels, which are located whether in the heart of a destination or far from it, vacation villas are found away enough to avoid hustle and bustle but close enough to reach amenities within a few minutes of drive. Sleep and rest at total peace during day or night without being disturbed and enjoy your staying as you please without disturbing anyone else. Of course there are vacation villas for all tastes. So if you wish to stay where the heart beats, you will find multiple choices which still guarantee your total privacy within the residence’s limits.

Most of vacation villas are pet-friendly

Villas generally are more pet-friendly than most hotels because there are no other guests except from you and your own guests. Plus, staying in a villa means that you’ll enjoy at least a minimum garden or a patio and your pet will do as well. More comfort and space for you and your pet’s needs!

Choose vacation villas for socializing

Vacation villas, especially those with private pool are the best place for socializing. Inviting your friends over, having a dinner or a pool party is not something you can do in a hotel room. A villa promotes socializing beyond the obvious fact of sharing a residence with people you care about.

Are vacation villas better than hotels?Are vacation villas better than hotels?

Villa Alexandra – Mykonos

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