Best Greek Islands to rent a luxury villa with your friends

Dreaming of the best holidays you ever had? We are sure that visiting Greece is on top of your bucket list. Even if it is not, after reading the following you will be triggered to look it up about the beauty of the Greek islands.

Spectacular islands in Greece waiting for you and your friends to explore them

This summer it’s time to explore the Aegean islands with your friends.  Each island has to offer you different experiences. Are you an adventurous person who desires to try sea-sports? Or are you fancy of a quiet and relaxing vacation trying to experience the local Greek culture and mentality? Maybe you prefer to rent a villa close to a golf course? Well, choosing a destination is not hard since there are islands for every taste and can easily combine the two types of holiday.

We invite you and your friends to come on a tour with us to the majestic picturesque Cyclades and find out the best places to visit there.


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Ios, The island of contradictions

Looking for the absolute Greek nightlife experience everyone is talking about? Then Ios is the ideal place for you and your friends. The Aegean island is well known about the lively places full of tourists who enjoy beach parties. If you and your friends seek to feel how the Greeks party then you have to visit Mylopotas. There, it is located the Farout Beach Club which is well known about the unforgettable parties. Young people from all over the world come here to meet each other and have a taste from a great beach party.  We are talking about a big area with pools, bars, dj sets and direct access to the beautiful sea. All these elements make the best gatherings and events.

And if you are not that fond of big parties and noise then we have another suggestion which will leave you speechless. Anyone who has ever been to Ios will recommend you to visit Pathos Lounge Bar. This is an ideal destination for those who want to relax and enjoy a drink in tranquility. It is considered to be a classy and stylish architectural diamond. Behind the infinity pool emerges the Aegean Sea which makes a majestic scenery and perfect spot to watch the sunset. Who says that only the sunset of Santorini is magical? We strongly believe that seeing the sunset in Pathos is an amazing experience too.

Moreover to the best places to visit in Ios, we cannot avoid to mention Maganari beach, Psathi beach and Kalamos beach. The first is one of the most picturesque beaches in Ios. It has golden sand and incredible crystal clear waters. Its location is pretty remote and remains undisturbed from the noisy crowds. The natural habitat around is a fantastic opportunity for exploration. The secluded bay is protected from the strong winds, offering calm environment for swimming and snorkeling. Having heard all the above there is no doubt why the director of the movie “Le Grand Bleu” chose beach Maganari to shoot parts of the movie there.  Then we have beach Psathi. It consists of two wild beaches which are popular among windsurfers and it is also a safe anchorage for yachts. For the more adventurous we recommend Kalamos beach. The pristine scenery of this bay and its crystal clear waters makes it perfect spot for scuba diving.

So Ios is an island full of contradictions. On one hand it is the perfect destination if you are an outgoing personality but on the other hand it is also ideal for those who want to have a relaxing holiday. For that reason we guess that when you choose Ios for this year’s summer holidays you would want an accommodation that would combine both elements. Then the best option that you have is Villa Pluto.

Recommended luxury villa in Ios

Villa Pluto – 5 bedrooms

It is located on the top of a rocky hill. It is an architectural masterpiece which offers to the visitor an amazing view of the Aegean Sea. On the contrary of the busy island life, Villa Pluto offers to the guests tranquility and a charming seclusion after a long day well spend in Ios’s alleys. At the same time the infinity pool and the garden give the option to host parties or enjoy the terrace with your friends. One of the highlights of this residence is the astonishing view of the night sky from its terrace. This feature definitely triggers you to stargaze. The location of the residence is perfect since all the beaches mentioned above are very close and particularly Mylopotas. This means that you and your friends are going to be right in the heart of Ios and its nightlife.

Villa for rent in Ios Island Greece

Paros, The Snow-white of Cyclades

Carrying on to our trip in Cyclades we cannot avoid the majestic island of Paros. It is an ideal destination if you and your friends like windsurfing or if you want to try this fascinating sport for the first time. There are so many beaches across the coastline of the island which are accessible either by car, public transportation or even by boat. We would recommend you to try at least once the trip by boat to the little island Antiparos because this is the absolute island experience. The tourist boats often have guides who can help you choose your next destination.

Let us guide you to a couple of beaches which are considered to be the best places to visit in Paros.  One of them is Agia Irini, a secluded beach with incredible clear waters. The best part though is the palm trees along the beach side which make the habitat exotic and photogenic. If you want to get to know locals’ mentality then you have to go for a swim to Piperi which is the favorite spot of the inhabitants. The beach is close to Naousa and you can stroll around in the alleys of the town. You can go shopping, take photos and eat local delis in the traditional tavernas which are spread almost everywhere.  Another worth watching scenery is Kolymbithres beach which is also close to Naousa. This is one of the most famous beaches of Paros. Actually it is not just one beach but many smaller sandy bays hidden among huge vertical rocks. The name of the beach comes from the structure of these rocks which due to the erosion creating natural cavities full with sea water, look like fonts.

Moreover, we also have the perfect place for the athletic ones of your group! If you are an expert in windsurfing then you have to spend a day at Chrysi Akti. There is a surf-club with great staff and instructors not just for professionals but also for beginners. Maybe it is time to try something new and realize that you have talent in water sports! The beach is known for the golden sand and the long coastline which makes it also ideal for beach-volley. It is also well organized with restaurants, bars and umbrellas all along the shore.

For the end we saved the best. Previously we mentioned that the islands can easily combine both relaxing vacations and partying. We were not exaggerating. Paros is also a popular destination for the youth. If you and your friends want to party among Greeks and internationals then you have to go to Punda Beach Club which is located in the extended beach of Piso Livadi. Punda Beach Club can be characterized as the temple of fun and partying for the youth. The cosmopolitan and noisy beach club is situated amphitheatric on the shore. It also has a huge pool with bars all around and a dj set which has hosted some of the most well known names of the music industry. The beach itself has a natural beauty and is full of eucalyptus. After a whole day of dancing and enjoying refreshing cocktails you can grab a bite at the restaurants located in Piso Livadi beach and be delighted by the amazing graphical village and its little marine.

Are you intrigued to look up for accommodation in Paros yet? Well you don’t have to spend much energy to that since we already have for you one of our favorite villas.

Recommended luxury villa in Paros

Villa Iris – 7 bedrooms

Villa Iris is built on the highest point of a hill assuring its guests privacy and of course a spectacular view. Perfectly harmonized with the Cycladic housing style, the residence is standing out with its plain white interior. Additionally, its exterior has two infinity pools.

luxury villa for rent in paros

Mykonos, The cosmopolitan beauty of the Aegean

Last but not least we cannot exclude the famous island of Mykonos or, as the Greeks refer to it, the island of the winds. Well-known for its culture, nightlife and beautiful sceneries it has become one of the favorite places of the cinema industry as well as of the music industry for their movies and videos. Based on the above, we could easily guess that this summer could be your turn to visit it and feel yourself its unique pulse.

Each tourist has to wander around the small roads of Mykonos town. It is graphical and picturesque. Every corner is unique. The houses have the typical Cycladic aesthetics and architecture. They are minimalistic and in white and light blue colors. Close to the centre there is the area called Little Venice. It is one of the most popular sceneries on the island.  At least once in your life you must have come across to a photo of that place. We are talking about the famous houses which are built right on the edge of the shore looking like they are on the top of the water.  The frequent winds make the waves crush on the houses and on their balconies. It is the best scenery to see while you are eating at the restaurants or drinking your coffee any time during the day.

Close to Little Venice are also the windmills of Mykonos. As we mentioned before, the island is pretty windy. There are currently 16 windmills on Mykonos of which 7 are positioned on the famous landmark hill in Chora. Most of them were built by the Venetians in the 16th century. Thanks to the island’s micro climate many beaches such as Panormos beach, Ftelia and Korfos beach are favored for windsurfing and kiting.

Mykonos is also a worldwide famous jet set destination. Therefore you will always spot here several celebrities from all over the world. There are so many places and each one of them is a “must” for anyone visiting Mykonos. Scorpios is a heaven on earth tropical place which combines everything a tourist would wish for. Its aesthetic gives the visitor tranquility and it is perfectly harmonized with the natural habitat. Privacy reigns supreme until the Sunset Rituals begin in the afternoon when they organize the best parties with well-known Djs.  SantAnna is known for the respect that its staff has for the customers’ privacy. The services that they provide are luxurious and premium. It has a huge swimming pool with salty water and it is also by the sea. The design of the lounge is amazing and it could satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

Moving forward, it is vital to name also Platis Gialos. It is considered to be one of the most lively beaches of the island. It has a beautiful sandy beach and restaurants. It is also the starting point for boats which can take you to visit other beaches which are remote and quiet such as Agrari and Elia.  Platis Gialos combines the cosmopolitan way of living and the access to secluded beaches, where you can avoid the crowds. Sounds like the perfect location to look for accommodation. Besides, who would not want to spend the holidays in Dione Estate or in Villa Ornos?

Recommended luxury villas in Mykonos

Dione Estate – 13 bedrooms

Dione Estate is a plot of 7.000 sq.m and it is next to the most cosmopolitan beaches of the island. The almost total white interior design matches perfectly with the Cycladic aesthetics. The villa offers unlimited sea view and the guests can enjoy top quality facilities. It has also a garden which can be perfect for celebrations and galas.

luxury villa in mykonos greece

Villa Ornos – 6 bedrooms

On the other hand Villa Ornos with its lovely rocky walls has a breathtaking beauty. The true highlight of the villa is the wide patio area and the private pool offering an ideal location for relaxing moments or gatherings with friends. It has the ideal location next to the most popular places of the island. The villa was named after the Ornos beach which is a small port with fishermen and it is the perfect spot to anchor yachts. Not only it is the perfect place for you if you own a private boat but also if you like scuba diving, since there is also a diving centre

luxury villa with pool in Mykonos

All in all, it is crystal clear that Cyclades have everything a tourist would wish for. Ios, Paros and Mykonos are just a flight away from you since all of them have airports which make them easily accessible. Whether you want to relax or you wish to party, we are sure that one of those is the perfect island for you. It will be a tough decision to pick one since each of them is unique and can provide anything a person wants no matter his lifestyle. Do you think that we exaggerate? Does everything seem to be far from reality? Well, there is just one disadvantage to all of these. The worst thing about Cyclades is to pack your suitcase and go back home.

But what is the most important thing after choosing your favorite destination in Greece? To find of course the best place to stay, meaning, the place that matches your criteria in order to complete the ultimate holiday experience.

The Aspalis Concierge Group is here for you to help you find the best residence to spend your holidays. Having a great variety of luxurious villa rentals throughout Greece is the best guide for the Greek islands.  We are here for you to understand your needs and your preferences and we can find the perfect match villa for you to live the ultimate experience in any place you wish to visit.

Choosing to visit Greece for your holiday, it means that you are ready to feel the real meaning of the word ‘hospitality’. It is guaranteed that you will have a memorable stay in any island you choose to visit and that you will want to return soon enough.

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