How to book a villa in Greece safely

Villa vacations? Definitely yes! A trend that grows year by year and has millions of fans across the world. Choosing to book a villa instead of any other type of holiday residence adds 3 unbeatable characteristics to your vacation: unlimited privacy, quality and no time constraints during vacations. But is it safe to book a villa?

What makes a villa vacation so special?

Staying in a villa rental gives you the opportunity to locate your vacations in more interesting and unique places. You can choose a property on a famous beach as close to the sea as possible, on a mountain, by a lake, in a forest and not being forced to share the location with anyone else. Or you can choose a villa in the most crowded, most visited and famous area of a summer destination and easily switch between that and your private peaceful shelter.

If you decide to book a villa, you can easily host your family or a group of friends in the residence and live literally under the same roof without being separated, no matter how big your company is, while there will always be enough “space” for everyone. Plus to those, a villa will always make you feel like home, it has that “human touch” that makes it like home away from home.

How to book a villa in Greece safely

Villa Muse – Mykonos

Last but not least, while staying in a villa rental you don’t have to live with a schedule – it’s a vacation and you have the right to wake up at noon … and have breakfast, stay longer at the beach and have your lunch at 5 p.m. or dinner at 11 p.m. All that at the comfort of your villa! And if you are that type of traveller who won’t make even a coffee while on vacation – no problem! There are always professional chefs at your disposal, who will prepare for you the dishes you wish to try – from local Greek to Mediterranean cuisine and even Chinese or sushi. This way you don’t have to watch your clock in order to be on time for a meal and eat a standardized, internationally accepted cuisine.

Plus to those, you don’t have to finish your drink by the pool (or in the pool) by the time the bar closes. Because the bar is your and so is the pool when talking about villas, they close whenever you choose to go for a nap! Not mentioning the fact that you can throw (always reasonably) a party with some friends whenever you wish when the whole building you live in is at your disposal!

Year by year the villa rentals gain more interest among travellers

These are some of the reasons why villa rentals gain more interest every year and are considered as a must among travellers. Speaking more… locally, villa rentals in Greece where always on top, probably because the country itself is organized in many small communities and characterized by a “boutique” feeling. It’s hard to imagine a huge multi-story hotel between the whitewashed houses of Santorini, the pristine olive groves of Crete or on the edge of a traditional mainland village with picturesque stonehouses with smoking chimneys even during summer – yes, there are cool places to visit in Greece during the hot summer and you’ll search for a blanket during night here! So private villas, villa complexes, bungalow and villa hotels are the most common and suitable residences for vacations in Greece.

How to book a villa in Greece safely

Villa Ariel – Mykonos

Coming back to the smoking chimneys during summer, one would think that villas in Greece are popular only on islands or locations closer to the sea. This happens to be not true! The increase on villa rentals is the same when we talk about villa rentals in Greece islands or villa rentals in Greece mainland. Of course, when searching the internet, the most popular result is still “villa rentals in Greece beach” but there are great residences perched in the most surprising destinations within Greece, welcoming demanding travellers who enthusiastically enjoy not only the high levels of hospitality offered in the villa but also the enchanting surroundings and well preserved, genuine communities close to it.

So, how to book a villa in Greece safely?

Are you wondering now how to book a villa in Greece safely? We all know that there is a difference between a hotel or even a villa & bungalow hotel and a private – standing alone – villa. It is a fact that the Greek law is very strict and it’s hard to find illegal vacation rentals but, like in the rest of the world, nothing is impossible. And even if a villa rental is legal, there are chances that you’ll leave slightly to very disappointed because you cannot help it with the unprofessional owners who cannot or even don’t want to obtain the so called touristic consciousness.

So what is the best way to book a villa in Greece safely? You should refer to specialized travel agents like Aspalis Villas. Unlike your local outgoing travel agency or even the incoming travel agent based at the country of your destination, which in our case is Greece, the villa specialist is the only professional you should trust. He is not messing up with many fields (travel packages, tickets, hotels, groups etc). You can see that by checking the website – for example – the only thing you can see is villas. You don’t want the villa rental specialist’s website to look like your local grocery store, instead you want to see a specialized website, dedicated only to the vacation rentals.

How to book a villa in Greece safely

Villa Margaret – Kea

This way you will avoid both unprofessional owners and villas which look gorgeous on the internet but in fact are average. This is the villa specialist’s job – to check the villa owners and visit the villas, making the separation for you and have in the villa portfolio only the best choices. Plus to that, the villa specialist will be able to arrange for you transfers, help you with car rentals or private chef booking and give you some extra tips on how to make the best out of you vacations at the destination you are heading to.

Always look for the Authorised License Number

Should you trust them? Yes! Should you check them? Definitely yes! Internet is a huge thing and probably you don’t expect to learn now that if you have a chance to check something here, you should do it right now. So scroll down to the bottom of the home page of – this is the most common place where Greek travel agents indicate their Special Signal Number by Greek Tourism Ministry. If the villa specialist indicates a special sign like we at Aspalis Villas do, the company is officially listed and authorized as a travel agency which means that it’s absolutely legal.


Take “villa rental” to a whole new level, this is Aspalis Villas mission!

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