Family friendly villas in Corfu

Summer is a perfect opportunity to spend some valuable time with your children. On a previous article we explained how to find the perfect villa for rent, today we will help you find the ideal family friendly destination in Greece. The decision about which destination will satisfy the whole family is for the first time so easy to be taken. What about Corfu? The Ionian island is very popular among the tourists who want to spend a nice holiday period with their beloved ones.

Corfu has a large cultural heritage. It has been the home for many scholars, poets and artists not only from Greece but also from abroad. Its heritage reflects years spent under Venetian, French and British rule before it was united with Greece. Corfu’s unique character is rooted to its different historical influences.  Its history starts from the ancient times and reaches the modern days.

If you want to visit the cradle of culture combining quiet and children friendly vacations then Corfu is the place to be this summer. Let us guide you to the majestic places of the Ionian Queen.

Corfu Town

Corfu Town is the capital of the island. It is known for its cobblestone streets and pastel-colored Venetian architecture.  The old city having grown up within fortifications is a labyrinth of narrow streets called “Kantounia”. The streets are very lively and they are full of tourists and locals. The locals are known for their hospitality and their willingness to help tourists explore the town.  There you can find restaurants, cafes and small shops with souvenirs. It is the best place for someone to taste the local delicacies and meet the people who represent the mentality of the island. The hundreds of alleys lead to the promenade. The salty air and the summer breeze will satisfy you after a long walk in the town.  Moreover, an esplanade between the town and the citadel called Liston where there are many upscale restaurants and European style bistros abound.  There is no doubt that the whole Corfu town is cosmopolitan and picturesque and anyone who loves architecture and colors will be thrilled while strolling around.

Family friendly villas in Corfu

Not far from the town, it is situated the Achilleion Palace.  The palace is built in Gastouri by Empress of Austria, Elizabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi. Corfu was Sisi’s favorite vacation place and she wanted a palace to gratify her admiration for Greece and its culture. The place was designed with the hero Achilles of Greek mythology as its general theme and from which the name was derived.  It is an architectural diamond with big and beautiful gardens. Its location provides a panoramic view of the city of Corfu.  The palace is the number one touristic destination. Visitors to the palace can appreciate the exquisite mural positioned right at the reception enclosure which portrays Achilles carrying the dead body of Hector. The popularity of the Achilleion Palace also comes from the fact the famous James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” was shot at this place.

The salty air and the summer breeze will satisfy you after a long walk in the town.

As it was mentioned before, Corfu has a large Venetian history. It is highly recommended to visit the Old and the New Venetian Fortress.  They are situated at the east part of the Town. Above from the Fortress you can enjoy the view of the Old Town of Corfu. Today both the Fortresses are open for the public. During the summer period you can also come across to music events that usually take place there.

Continuing our tour in this royal island, we should definitely mention the Mon Repos. It is another architectural masterpiece which is perfectly harmonized with the environment of Corfu. The villa was built as a summer residence for the British Lord High Commissioner of the United States of the Ionian Islands, Frederick Adam in 1828. The palace is surrounded by a large park. Opposite to the palace the remains of the ancient town of Corfu have been found. Today the palace hosts a museum with many Ionian treasures.

Beaches of Corfu

Corfu Island does not have to offer you only cultural activities. It has also a great list of beautiful natural sceneries and beaches. We can begin with the beaches of northern Corfu which are quite popular to the tourists. The first beach comes in mind is Canal d’ Amour or Sidari. Sidari is the most touristic area along the North coast of the island.  The love channel is considered to be a nature’s masterpiece. The small gulf has been carved by the sea and the winds during the centuries. The outcome is breathtaking. The Canal consists of some rocky cliffs and some nice bays you can reach by several paths. The landscape seems to be lunar. The waters are deep blue and crystal clear and it lures everyone to take a dive.

Moving on the east side of Corfu we find the region called Kassiopi. Kassiopi is also very popular destination. It is known for its lively places full of tourists and locals. There are plenty restaurants and taverns where the visitor can eat and taste fresh fish. Everything in Kassiopi is away from you within walking distance. It is a quiet and safe place, ideal for family vacations. You can stroll around the small village and admire its little marine with the fish boats. You can also go on an excursion by boat from the harbor to many parts of the island. That is the best way to view the Ionian island’s coast and choose your favorite beach as you next day destination.

It seems that Kassiopi is the perfect place to be this summer, and every summer.

Around Kassiopi there are many beaches. Their swallow waters make them perfect for families with young children. Their major advantage is that they are extremely close to the little town. Do you and your children look for new adventures? Then you should visit Kalamionas beach. The well organized beach has a diving school. Divers say that the ocean floor of the region is very interesting and you can see much different kind of fish. Another beach worth visiting is Pipitou beach. Locals claim that it is the most beautiful beach of the region. Who would not trust their opinion on that? It has little pebbles but it is also sandy at the same time. Its crystal clear waters allow to the visitor to see the seabed from the first glance from above. And for your children who are playful and want to play with the water they can rent a canoe or a water-bike. Going on, a little southern we can reach Kalami beach. The place is ideal to take amazing pictures so you can remember its turquoise waters. The shore is composed by white shiny pebbles. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag. It is very clean and also well organized. You can also find here water sports activities. The vegetation around the beach is vast and the lush green forests attract many nature lovers. In addition you can reach the bay by boat. There are many who prefer Kalami for their trip with their private yachts.

Well, it seems that Kassiopi is the perfect place to be this summer: especially, when one of the most beautiful of the family friendly villas in Corfu is situated in there.

Villa Helios, a 6 bedrooms luxury villa in Kassiopi, Corfu

Villa Helios is a newly-built house perfectly positioned on the water, just on the edge of the buzzy little town of Kassiopi. The trademark of the residence is the big gardens in which lavender grows vastly. The little purple flower gives generously its nice fragrance in the air of the villa. The house is mainly built out of stone and in the interior the shades of white, grey and blue prevails. Those colors on the walls and furniture complete the relaxing sea view from the patio and the terrace. The sea is within walking distance from the villa.  The residents can walk by a small track among olive trees down to the bottom of the garden and reach the crystal clear Ionian Sea.

There is also a pool where all the family can gather and enjoy the water and the sun.  Villa Helios stands out from the rest of Corfu luxury villas as the perfect family house. There are both gates inside the house and by the pool providing maximum safety for children. Also young member of the family will be thrilled with the large teenage room with a lounge seating and a huge TV. In addition the position of the house itself is ideal for teenagers. It is close enough so they can wander into Kassiopi at night and enjoy the gentle night life there.

More Beaches of Corfu

Our trip does not end on the northern part of the island. There so many destinations which will be memorable for any visitor. First we have Ipsos beach. The waters are shallow and make the beach quite safe for children. The place has many tourist facilities. The scenic fishing port that lies on the left side of the beach hosts several boats during the day. Those who spend the day in the water or on the shore can easily gaze the beautiful view of Mount Pantokrator.  Right on the other side of Ipsos there is another magnificent beach. Paleokastritsa beach is undoubtedly the most famous picturesque place in Corfu. The village is located 25 km northwest of Corfu Town. The region is consisted of 6 sandy and pebbled beaches. All of them are surrounded by olive trees forests creating unique scenery. The main beach o Paleokastritsa is quite small but extremely known for its cold waters. Even in the hotter summer days the waters have lower temperature than the usual. We urge you to be brave and take a dive.

Family friendly villas in Corfu

Moving on southern we find Glyfada beach. It is a lively place with many tourists. If you do not mind the hustle and bustle of the region you should definitely include it in your trip. It is a perfect example of a beach with soft sand and nice scenery around. The beach is surrounded by tree-covered cliffs imposing rocky formations.  Beach facilities are also offered and there is a wide variety of taverns and shops around. Close to Glyfada there is Agios Gordios beach. The scenery of the beach is quite similar to the one in Glyfada. It is also a busy place full of tourists. Its highlight though, is the road to get to the beach. To reach Agios Gordios you pass through a beautiful road full of vineyards and olive trees. This is the absolute and classical Mediterranean natural environment that anyone who visits Greece should experience.

At last we suggest you to pay a visit in Issos beach. The seashore here seems endless. The unique sandy dunes will immediately catch the eye of the visitor. The area looks idyllic. The high sand dunes offer excellent sunset views. Many people go horse riding along the shore. The often strong winds create the best conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing. Next to the beach there is the Korisson Lake. The two wetlands are divided by rich flora in between. Thus, the lush green forest and the lake make a unique spot for hiking.

The beaches and all these majestic sceneries we have been talking about are scattered all around Corfu. Thus you will probably need accommodation to use it as your base before your tours and a place to relax after a long day on the beach. If you are looking for family friendly villas in Corfu then start from Dassia. Dassia is a small town about 12km north from Corfu Town which is an excellent choice to stay during your holidays on the island.

Villa Drosia, a 2 bedrooms luxury villa in Kassiopi, Corfu

Villa Drosia distinguishes as the “red detailed” residence. Although the majority of the residence is designed with pale colors, small details of red color on the furniture give it a special character.  It is ideal for families. The large grass area is the perfect environment for the kids to play or try some sports. At the same time the parents can relax by the pool or sit on the patio furnished with comfortable sofas.  Either way they can always keep an eye on the children while they play. The garden is also equipped with a BBQ.

Villa Letizia, a 3 bedrooms luxury villa in Kassiopi, Corfu

The residence is part of a complex of private vacation villas like Villa Drosia. The location situated is rather privileged, since it is so close to the sea. The villa has everything a guest would probably need. Thus her luxurious character can easily be perceived. Its private pool is circled by soft sofas and sun beds. The small waterfall pouring gives a final relaxing note to the atmosphere. Anyone can relax and feel the island vibes listening to the sound of gently pouring water. Once again, children here will have the time of their life. They have plenty of space to play on the grass and among the trees.

Villa Amelie, a 4 bedrooms luxury villa in Kassiopi, Corfu

The amazing luxury villa with the rocky wall fences is also part of the villa complex. Villa Amelie is quiet and perfect for relaxing vacations with your family. It has private pool in its green garden. The villa has big French doors that let the natural light across the house. The sunlight in combination with the vivid colors of the interior creates a warmth atmosphere for the residents.

Villa Elizabeth, a 3 bedrooms luxury villa in Kassiopi, Corfu

Villa Elizabeth is another luxurious residence which provides generously to the guest his/her dream-holidays. Families are very welcome in this residence. In the huge green and beautiful garden, children have their own playground. The old olive trees which are scattered in the yard are the highlight of the place. You can have a magnificent view of the sea of Corfu anywhere you sit: from inside the house through the large windows and outside from the patio. The salty summer breeze coming through the leaves of the trees makes the scenery idyllic. The villa has also direct access to the sea. The Ionian Sea has never been closer to you. If you don’t want to walk to the sea then just walk to the patio! There you have your own private pool and a jacuzzi. The interior of the villa is in majority on the shades of white, beige and grey.

Corfu is the ultimate family friendly summer destination. It combines history and culture with the relaxation you need for the holidays. The beaches of the island will be memorable to you and to your children. Having common memories with the children strengthens the family bonds. Corfu provides to its visitors worth having experiences. The cosmopolitan character of the island and its unique architectural style will intrigue you to visit the region again. Every time Corfu will unravel new secrets and places to visit. From the sandy beaches to the rich flora forests and from the ancient Greek times till the Venetian culture the Queen of the Ionian Sea will lure you to return.

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