Finding the perfect villa for rent

When talking about luxurious vacations, luxury villa rentals are the dominating trend in the field. Luxury villa rentals are quickly replacing hotels as the preferred place to stay. But choosing the perfect villa for rent still can be a difficult process. There are many variables that can either make your holidays unforgettable or disastrous.

Nowadays there is a plethora of villa rentals offered for holidays. They are so many you could easily get lost while checking them! What should you do in such case? Instead of checking the villas one by one, check our 9 essential steps for finding the perfect luxury villa for rent and avoid spending hours, days or – even worse- weeks in front of a computer screen. 9 simple steps that will bring you closer to your vacation dream villa sooner than you expect.

As a starting tip we recommend you to find a villa specialist offering an extensive portfolio covering different styles to match different wants and needs, from traditional chic to contemporary style retreats. This way you’ll save time from scrolling around the internet and find many villa options gathered in one place.

Set a budget

This is the first and very important step. Although the villas listed on our website are luxurious accommodations, they vary in price. So the first thing you have to do is to decide how much you want to spend. You have to remember that the cost of renting the villa for your holidays is only one part of the expenses. You will need to factor the cost of car hire as well as flights or ferry crossings and meals – these are indispensable. Usually villas are charged for the whole property per night or per week (price for maximum persons and not per person). Plus to that some properties should be rented for a minimum stay period (for example one week) and not less than that.

On each villa’s basic info section you will find information about the starting price per night and conditions. Things become simpler if you use the search option featured on the home page. Enter the minimum price, the maximum or both of them and check only those villas that match your budget.

Choose the right sized property

Are you travelling alone or with family? Are your friends coming too? Or maybe this is just a honeymoon trip? The total number of people is the second most important criteria after your budget. A typical vacation rental accommodation can host 4-6 people, although there is an exception on our site. Villa Grand which is rightfully considered the largest villa in Greece can accommodate 66+ people. We are talking about a vacation residence that can comfortably host your entire family, all your relatives and your friends at once!

How to book a villa in Greece safely

Villa Grand – Mykonos

If you know how big your company is, now you have to think about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need. Are there couples, singles or children in your company? Think how guests will be shared in bedrooms. When it comes to search, just sort the results on our website by entering the number of guests or rooms and find those matching your needs.

Decide on your destination

Villas are available on most of Greek islands and mainland. Take a look at the destinations where our villas are located. Once you have decided where you will be spending your vacations this year, consider the location. Would you like to stay closer to the beach, in a remote location away from over-crowded places or near a city/town with amenities close to you? Once you have decided on this too, visit our villas’ page and use the search form to find all the properties by destination or by villa type. We have entered enough search fields to make sure you will easily find a totally satisfying property.


Children are the VIPs of your summer vacations. If you are travelling with children, you have to make sure that the villa is perfect for them. Children get bored, so you have to make sure that the villa offers activities for the younger members of your company. Do the villas have TVs? Of course they do! Big or small, smart, LED, HD, flat screen, one or more – 99 % the villa you choose has a TV. But, referring to that 1% left, we would like to inform you that among our villas there are also those special properties intended for total isolation and there are chances there are no TVs available in such residences. So make sure to check the “Facilities” tab in each villa’s profile to find out about TV as well as DVD players, satellite channels and anything else might be necessary for your child or even you and your guests during your vacations.

Finding the perfect villa for rent

Villa Elizabeth – Corfu

There are children-friendly villas among our properties, which even have separate playgrounds within the garden. Check the ‘family-friendly’ type villas to find them. If travelling with a baby, make sure there is a baby cot and high chair available. If the villa you picked doesn’t include them in the “Facilities” section, don’t worry. Just mention that you need them upon your booking and we will have them arranged.

Cooking – plan the food and drink

Most vacation villas are self-catering – this means that there is a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook your meals. In addition, in most of our villas we offer local caterer services, the chance to have your fridge filled before arrival and as many times as you want during your stay, a personal cook/chef to prepare your Greek or international cuisine meals once or more every day and other complementary services to make your stay as comfortable as possible. But have in mind that there are suite villas that don’t feature kitchen, so remember to check the “Facilities” section. If you plan to stay in one of those, ask us about local caterer services and recommended restaurants and taverns in the closer area.

Swimming pool

A good or a bad swimming pool can make up or break your vacations instantly. Before booking your villa, check the photos showing the pool. If you are expecting to swim in your pool or if you’re going to have a big company, it would be a big disappointment to find a pool not big enough for either. Also check if the pool is heated – important if you schedule to go on vacation in October or November and early in spring. If there are children with you, check that the pool has a children’s section or a shallow end – if you cannot figure that from photos, just ask us! If you avoid classical pools, our collection includes villas with seawater pools too.  Among our villas you won’t find any with shared pool but there are several with outdoor Jacuzzi – as part of the swimming pool, next to it or on a terrace.

How to find the perfect villa for rent

Villa Zeus – Crete

Activities or leisure?

Are you an active person who visits every single museum and sight when on vacation or the opposite – a couch lover who leaves villa only to visit the beach? Is your company with you? At this point you have to choose between a remote residence and a residence close to “civilization”, town center, marketplace etc! In every case, all properties featured on Aspalis Villas can be exactly as action-packed or restful as you want them to be, since they have a reasonable distance from a town center and at least one beach. This means that even if you change your mind about not having activities, everything is a short drive away!

Finding the perfect villa for rent

Villa Margaret – Kea

If you are not very much into having activities but feel guilty because of children, don’t be! Our villas have gardens and are close to divine beaches, which children will adore! To make it easier for you, we have mentioned distances from significant points for every villa on our site. This will help you choose the best villa for you, whether you are looking for the most distal or the one located on the liveliest road. Is there any special activity you want to have while on vacation? Is there a specific place you want to visit but you would prefer to be accompanied by a professional guide or a local person to show you little secrets and hidden treasures unknown to majority? Just drop us a line and we’ll arrange your activities program or will make sure that nothing interrupts your serene vacations.


Last but one comes the dates. When it comes to dates there are four options: you have sharp dates for vacations or you are flexible with them, you are booking in advance or you attempt a last minute booking. Choosing properties from Aspalis Villas means that in each case you’ll come up with a very good residence because we are here exclusively to help you do the pairing – your needs, your wishes and the availabilities. Also, in the description of each villa you will find specific check in & check out days, if there are any, as well as the check in & check out time, so you can easily schedule your whole arrival, departure, tickets, car rentals etc. Don’t forget that there are villas with a minimum stay limit. If there is such a clause, you’ll find that info mentioned in the description too. If you are not into checking the villas by yourself, leave us a note and we will come back to you with the available matching villas.

Book the luxury villa rental

So you have set a budget, decided about the size of the residence, you have chosen your destination, figured out if there will be children or not, arranged the cooking/meals, checked the details about the swimming pool, made your activities schedule, came up with dates and available villas. In this order or not, if you have done the above, there is nothing else to do but to book the villa! And it’s easier than ever – just send us an email and start packing!


Take “villa rental” to a whole new level, this is Aspalis Villas mission!

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