Luxury villa rentals for families in Greece

How exciting is going on vacation with your kids? Spending quality time with your children is the most important thing of all. Summer is the period which every child has been anticipated for. Every parent wants their holiday to be memorable and enjoy themselves away from school and any kind of responsibilities they had all year long

Are luxury villa rentals better for family vacations?

Renting a villa means that comfort is at its finest. You have a whole house at your disposal. When you travel with kids you have to keep an eye on them all the time. Having separate rooms in a hotel is not that convenient to do so. However, in a kids friendly luxury villa rental the whole family stays in the same space. You feel like home and most important your kids feel like this too. They are free to play and move in the residence without worrying about the personal space of other visitors.

Imagine having a residence with a garden! Kids would love that! Either you live in an apartment back home or you already have a house with a garden, renting a villa with a yard is more than advantageous! Any kid would appreciate this. They are active and energetic and playing in the garden is the best activity for them. You could join them too! Speaking of playing and fun, many villas which are categorized as family friendly have play rooms or playgrounds. That would definitely help your kids blow some steam as you enjoy peacefully your cocktail by the pool. Some pools have also a kids section that is more shallow for the little ones who can play safely in the water.

Kids love their mom’s cooking. There is no doubt to that. Why should they miss it during holidays? All the luxury villa rentals have a fully equipped kitchen where you can do your magic. You can have the fridge filled with all your favorite goodies and cook their favorite meal anytime you wish for. Plus you won’t be worrying about the quality of the food served in a hotel or in a tavern. You know better than anyone else the nutritional habits of your kid.

Do you want to know more about the perks of luxury villa rentals in Greece? Then read the list here and see everything you need to know before you book a villa rental.

How do I know that a villa is kids friendly?

For a start, usually they are labeled as “Family Friendly” meaning that they are suitable for big or small families as they offer all sorts of amenities. They are spacious with many bedrooms and large common areas. The kitchen is proper for preparing big meals and a counter big enough for more than one person to help in the kitchen.

Moreover, the bedrooms are more than two. Usually, they have a bedroom with separate beds perfect for the siblings. This way the kids will definitely feel like home. It will be like they never left their regular bedroom back home. Just a few steps away there might be a game room where they can spend much of their free time. And of course the garden that is crucial for children. Better to play outside than between the walls.

Another important factor is the location of the villa rental. If you are travelling with kids you might want a place that is touristic. A residence close to a town or a village on an island is the best choice. Thus, you could stroll around the graphic village or visit some museums that are there. Kids love it when they have options and many activities to do. It is easier if you also have shops and restaurants nearby when it is time to go shopping or you need some groceries.

What destinations are ideal for families?

Let’s start with the Greek mainland. Halkidiki in the northern Greece is considered to be one of the top summer resorts in the country. It is very popular and ideal for families. The natural habitat is characterized by the pine trees forests and the dandelion coasts. The waters are crystal clear and the beaches are ranked among the best ones in Greece. There are also marines and seaside settlements where you can use them as a safe anchorage for your private boat. It is a very good choice to sail around Halkidiki and find all the secret beaches.

Moving on to the western Greece in Ionian Sea there is Corfu. The epitome of family friendly vacations! Corfu is a green island with dreamy beaches.  There are all sorts of beaches, sandy or pebbled, secluded or organized. The main town and the villages are graphic and cosmopolitan carrying long history in their pave streets. Their Venetian architectural style is profound. There are many museums and sightseeing places worth visiting.

In addition there is Aegina, a small island just 45km away from Athens. The cosmopolitan vibe of Aegina is clear from the moment you reach its port. Beautiful mansions and lively streets are composing the profile of the island. Shops and restaurants are spread everywhere and you will fall in love with the villages as toy stroll around. Here seems that everything is moving slowly. The beaches are perfect spot for relaxation. Don’t forget to have a sailing tour in the Saronic Gulf and visit the nearby islands like Agistri.

Last but not least we couldn’t avoid mentioning Crete, another popular summer destination that has a lot to offer. Crete is big and has many different experiences to offer. Make sure that you can spend many days there. The towns have long history and their streets are always lively. Museums, galleries and archaeological sites are spread everywhere. If your kids love nature, Crete is the ideal place to stay. Caves, gorges and palm trees forests are the highlights of Crete.

We gathered for you some exquisite luxury villa rentals for families to enjoy the summer you’ve dreamed of

Villa Electra – The villa with the orange trees in the garden

Villa Electra in Crete has 3 bedrooms ready to welcome your family. In Villa Electra, guests enjoy the combination of high ceilings and glass windows in the house that allow breath-taking views to the outdoor groves and mountains but also create a spacious and sun flooded interior that makes you feel like home immediately. The modern kitchen is fully equipped. The lush green garden will be the favorite part of the house for the children. They can enjoy playing in the pool or play hide and sick among the olive trees and the orange trees. The smells of the plants and the fruits give you the real Mediterranean experience. Enjoy breakfast on the wooden patio by the pool or organize game nights in the cozy living room. In Villa Electra everything seems to be moving slowly while you enjoy complete privacy behind the high rocky walls surrounding the property.

Luxury villa rentals for families in GreeceLuxury villa rentals for families in Greece

If you are intrigued to spend your upcoming holiday in Crete then you should read the guide for Crete and find out all the must-visit places! Dreamy beaches, unique landscaped and towns with huge history are composing the character of the island.

Villa Pine- the Villa in the pine tree forest

This summer residence is located in Halkidiki in the settlement of Sani. Sani is a summer resort with great reputation among the Greeks and the tourists. It is known for the dreamy light blue waters and the soft white sand on its shore.  The villa has 5 bedrooms. The interior is modern and is decorated in black and white while there are some colorful discreet details here and there. Once again there the villa has kitchen with everything that you might need during your stay. In the living room there is a big glass window allowing you to view the huge garden. Among the many high pine trees there is a pool and a Jacuzzi. You can enjoy the sitting areas with the garden furniture and sofa or plan a BBQ meal. The highlight of the villa is dedicated to the children. With extremely large grassed areas and a basketball court in the property there is plenty of space for them to play!

Luxury villa rentals for families in GreeceLuxury villa rentals for families in Greece

Do you want to visit Halkidiki and stay in Villa Pine? We are sure that your kids will love it. Are you wandering what is the best period to visit Halkidiki? Get the travel inspirations you need here!

Villa Letizia – the villa with the beautiful garden

Villa Letizia is located in Corfu and has 3 bedrooms. The interior of the villa is designed with earthy colors. The wooden details in the interior make the place such beautiful. The villa has also a large garden with a private pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi.  Have your breakfast next to the pool and feel the summer breeze of the sea while you drink your coffee. Another advantage of the villa that makes it perfect for families is that is close to the beach. Kids have all sorts of toys, inflatable animals and sports equipment that they want to have when they go to the beach. The hard part is for you when you have to carry them with you. If you stay in villa Letizia that won’t be a problem anymore since it is located near to the beach.

Luxury villa rentals for families in Greece
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