Packing list for holidays in Greece

I know holidays are all about fun, relaxation and recharging your batteries. But before that there is a particular routine one should follow like booking the flights and look for accommodation. That’s way less fun. What about packing? It takes time and for some may be boring as well. The hard part is to know exactly what you need and predict everything ahead. You have limited space so you have to think it through carefully. I am here to help you pack all the essentials for your upcoming holidays in Greece so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises! Have a pen and a notepad near you and take notes for your packing list for your holidays in Greece!

What clothes should I put in my packing list?

Most of the tourists choose to visit Greece between early May and early September. During this time one can enjoy many hours of day light and warm temperatures. However in deep summer the heat can be unbearable. Don’t worry! There is a solution for everything! If you choose to visit Greece during the high season, meaning that you will travel sometime between July and August. To deal with the heat you should better pack clothes with light fabrics and bright colors. White and blue are the ones that will make you harmonize in the environment of the Cycladic islands. If you get a nice tan, white will look so good. Avoid wearing black or other dark colors as they absorb the sunlight and will make you feel even hotter. The weather on Greek islands can also be tricky. As the sun is setting you may feel a light breeze. Thus one should better pack a light jacket, a pair of long trousers and a long-sleeves shirt. It is often windy on the islands or on the boat to get there and you should definitely need them. Greeks like social events and they will always appreciate a good night out. I am sure you want to experience the nightlife here. So don’t forget to include in your packing list for holidays in Greece slightly formal clothes for a night in a nice restaurant, club or for cocktails in a bar. It is sure that you will love the atmosphere, the people and the music!

Packing list for holidays in Greece

What about shoes now. This is another vital factor for pleasant holidays. No one wants to feel uncomfortable when he/she is exploring a new destination. To start with, you should have with you your most comfy sneakers. Visiting archaeological sites, museums or strolling around a graphic village can take you all day. So check on your packing list for sneakers. Sandals also is a must have in Greece. What lady doesn’t want to wear a nice dress with sandals to show also her pedicure? Make room for your favorite sandals and you won’t regret it. When it comes to high heels here is a tip. Most of the roads of the islands are pebbled. So it is almost impossible and sometimes dangerous to walk around with stiletto heels. If you can’t live without high heels then you should prefer taking wedges with you. It is a better choice for the holidays on an island.

Your packing list for the beach

And here comes my favorite part of all! Who doesn’t love the beach? Everything there seems to be perfect and a relaxing vibe is all over. First things first! On the top of your packing list for holidays in Greece must be your favorite swimwear. It is better if you take more than one so you can use one and then use the other while the first is getting dry. Then you will also need a towel for the beach. Normally many hotels and villa rentals provide towels to their customers. But to be sure you can have your own in advance. To continue a bag for the beach is more than necessary. How else you can carry everything you need for a day by the sea? Especially if you are travelling with kids a beach bag is a life savior. And for you ladies you always want to be stylish, pack a couple of caftans. They are easy to wear and very quite. Local shops also sell them and it is the best souvenir from Greece. You can wear them on the way to the beach and then when you go to a tavern to grab a bite is also a nice piece of clothing to choose to wear.

Packing list for holidays in Greece

What else is left to think of? Let’s see… Oh of course! A pair of flip flops is a must have for the beach. But be careful! Flip flops are ok for a casual morning on the island and for the beach but that’s it. Avoid wearing them to a night out. Many bars and clubs have a strict policy for the dressing code. In addition, pair of sunglasses and a hat are vital for every day. Protection for the sun is crucial. Make sure that you use sunscreen all day and that you renew the cream every now and then. Playing in the sea under the sun might be fun but we shouldn’t forget about our health too. Using the appropriate sunscreen will help you avoid unpleasant sunburns. Besides the sunscreen, a good solution for dry skin after swimming in salty water is applying a moisturizing after sun cream. It definitely helps the skin to hydrate and regain its regular Ph.

Don’t forget!

After you have completed your outfits so you are always stylish and look gorgeous in the photos you have to pack a couple more things. They may not cross your mind immediately but they are important and useful. You will be so grateful with yourself for remembering to include the following in your packing list for holidays in Greece. Chances are that you are going to hop on a ferry to visit a Greek island. So remember to keep in your personal back some pills for sea sickness. Even if you never had such a problem with nausea before still be provident. You never know how your body will react while you are on a trip. Especially if you are travelling with kids such pills are necessary. Speaking about the sea, what about a waterproof camera! Besides the amazing photos you are going to take with your loved ones and the sceneries you will come across, it is also fun to have underwater photos! The Greek seas are crystal clear and when the sea is not wavy they offer a dreamy background for photos. This could easily be the best souvenir from your holidays in Greece! It will capture the whole vibe and the emotion of the vacation. Finally, a vital gadget to get with you is a charger adaptor. The outlets are different that those in the United States and in Great Britain. So you should better buy in advance the adaptors. Normally you can also find them in super markets in Greece. I am sure that you wouldn’t want to have dead battery in your camera or your smartphone!

After reading this do you feel ready to prepare your packing list? Who is up to pack for holidays on Greece? Now that you know what to wear it is time to choose the destination. There are so many places to choose from. Click here to read the ultimate travel guide for the most amazing destinations in Greece!

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