Why you should rent a villa in Greece

Why rent a summer villa in Greece

Greece is the ultimate summer destination. Once you take a hint of the amazing sapphire blue of the Greek sees, the bright sun and have the first bite of the traditional local Greek cuisine you will fall in love with this country. Do you want to do something new this year? Then rent a summer villa in Greece! You could even have your own private beach! It will be private paradise where you can relax in serenity.  Your view will also be mesmerizing. From your balcony the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea will be spreading. Imagine having breakfast or having the first sip of coffee in the morning while starring directly to the sea. Sounds like the best way to wake up. But why you should prefer a holiday villa rental instead of a hotel? Easy to answer such a question!


This might be the top reason for renting a villa. There is no place like home and renting a villa for your holiday is like owning a home where you want it. By renting a villa you will enjoy all the services of a hotel such as room service, chef, cleaning services, pool maintenance, even ironing and pet care plus all the comfortableness and the extra space available in a villa. Moreover, travelling along with kids can be tricky. Another major advantage of villa rentals is the fact that the whole family can stay together in the same place. You won’t have to book separate hotel rooms. All the villa rentals are spacious and have utilitarian layouts. Instead of spending time in a hotel lobby or in a small balcony of a hotel room, in your private villa you will get to choose between the garden, terrace or large balconies.

Why you should rent a villa in Greece


Yes, summer villa rentals are actually cheaper that booking a hotel room! If you sear for the same quality hotel room and you count on how many rooms you need for you and your family you will end up with the same conclusion: renting a villa for your holidays is cheaper that staying in any luxury hotel room!


Who does want to share his priceless moments of relaxation with screaming children jumping into the pool? I guess no one! Villa rentals give you the privacy you need and keep you away from screaming masses. It is your time to enjoy privacy and seclusion inside the walls of the private residence. No more noisy and disturbing neighbors that often meet in hotels.


By not sharing the same public spaces with others you are already much safer than staying in a hotel room. Plus that your room doesn’t share a balcony with the next room because you live in a private villa!

Follow your own schedule

No check in, no check out, it’s just you and your private holiday rental. You are the boss of yourself and make the rules. No one will tell you what time breakfast is served and when the pool is available. When you choose a private holiday villa rental you make the schedule and even better you follow no schedule at all. All you have to do is just relax and enjoy holidays in your villa! The time of your meals will only be arranged by you. Just ask from your private chef what you wish to eat.

Why you should rent a villa in Greece

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