Why you should rent a villa in Greece

Which are the key benefits of renting a villa for your holidays? Why you should prefer a private holiday rental.

Have you ever had holidays in a luxury villa?

Probably the best way having holidays is by renting a luxury private villa. A villa will offer you all the privacy and luxury you need in order to relax and enjoy every moment of your holidays. Actually there is no better way to have you holidays!

What are the key benefits of renting a villa?


Who does want to share his priceless moments of relaxation with screaming children jumping into the pool? I guess no one! Villa rental gives you the privacy you need and keep you away from screaming masses.


This might be the top reason for renting a villa. There is no place like home and renting a villa for your holiday is like owning a home where you want it. By renting a villa you will enjoy all the services of a hotel, such as room service, chef, cleaning services, pool maintenance, even ironing and pet care plus all the comfortableness and the extra space available in a villa.


Yes, renting a villa for your holidays is actually cheaper than booking a hotel room! If you search for the same quality hotel room and you count how many rooms you need for you and your family, you will end up with the same conclusion: renting a villa for you holidays is be cheaper than staying in any luxury hotel room!


By not sharing the same public spaces with others, you are already much safer than staying in a hotel room. Plus that your room doesn’t share a balcony with the next room because you live in a private villa!

Follow your own schedule

No check-in, no check-out, it’s just you and you private holiday rental. You are the boss of your self and you make the rules. No one will tell you what time is the breakfast served and when is the pool available. When you choose a private holiday rental you make the schedule and, even better, you follow no schedule at all, you just relax and enjoy you holidays in you villa!

Aspalis Villas

One benefit of renting a villa for your holidays is Aspalis Villas. Our anthropocentric approach guarantees you the highest quality services and assure that you rent the best villa at the best price. Choose one of our luxury villas available for rent and upgrade your staying with extra services available only by Aspalis Villas.


Take “villa rental” to a whole new level, this is Aspalis Villas mission!

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