Why Aspalis Villas

Our team consists of unique-experience seekers whose love and passion for Greece have been distilled into a company that offers exceptional holiday moments. Since 2012 we use our worldliness to help you create long-lasting memories with your beloved ones. The work we present is personalized, based on your needs and our local expertise. Our mission is as simple as that: from the moment you address to Aspalis it is guaranteed that all you’ll have to do is relax and enjoy the solicitude you deserve.

“Our mission: Take villa rental to a whole new level”

                We have gathered the best villas in the sun kissed country of the Mediterranean. Recognizing that each client is unique and has different needs and preferences, every single residence is handpicked from us and personally inspected. Our purpose is to find the perfect match for you. Either you want a secluded beach house on the sea front or a private villa near the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan town, our people can easily understand your desires and present you the best choice. Are you in a romantic getaway with your soul mate, are you planning to have the time of your life with your friends or are you spending quality time with your kids? We know that there is at least one villa which is perfect for you and we have it.

                Proudly enough to say that the portfolio is full with astonishing villas which match the criteria of even the most demanding character. Comfort and privacy are the unegotiable features that every villa holds. Beautiful design, utilitarian layouts and picturesque location are the prior elements we seek in each house. Lush gardens, private pools and direct beach access are some of the characteristics composing the best environment that can help you relax. After all, holidays is all about retrieving the peaceful mind from the stressed daily routine back home.

“Being a client to Aspalis means that you have tailor made luxury services.”

We have in mind that your holidays start at the exact moment when you step foot at the airport. There, a private transfer arranged for you will take you to your residence already customized upon your preferences. Coming across small details like delicacies and necessities in the fridge, delivered groceries according to a shopping list and a well-stocked bar help you switchover to vacation mood instantly. Pamper yourself with freshly prepared daily meals by a private chef and rejuvenate by the pool with the guidance of a yoga instructor. Complimentary services are a vital part of the stress-free vacation we provide, thus we have a wide range of concierge services that will highlight your stay.

Do you picture yourself staying in a villa in Greece? Describe it to us and from that moment it is our job to fulfill your dream. Aspalis is based on the interpersonal relationship with its clients and we are more than proud for that. Happy faces and long term trust endure us to continue growing and believing in our vision: the luxurious approach to Greece.